Curb Appeal is a crucial first impression-maker.  A few tips from Eric T Chu - SC Realty can help your property to make the best first impression.

Spring is a perfect time for investing in curb appeal.  On Oahu, more people are out and about and statistically, this is a great time to look for homes as mortgage interest rates are still relatively low.  The front of your home is the first area a potential buyer (or renter) will see and you want to make sure your home's exterior is looking its best, so you can increase the chances of keeping an audience interested in your property.

  • Your Front Door  should be kept in good shape.  Remember, this is the way people will enter your home for viewings. 
  • Add Touches of Home  for giving people an idea that this is a house to call home.  Small potted plants or a tasteful welcome mat will bring quick life to your property.
  • Invest in Clear Lighting  that may be landscape lighting, front door lighting, or other lighting as needed to highlight aspects of your home that you want to showcase such as your landscape design or unique entryway.  Solar fixtures are a good bargain buy but also changing out the light bulbs around your property can make all the difference in creating a clean and welcoming atmosphere during all hours of showing off your property.
  • Keep Your Home Exterior Clean  by washing, painting, and removing debris.  This may include the siding of a single family home, the front porch, the balcony of a condominium, or the entryway in general.


Your home's curb appeal in different lighting should be considered since more home buyers are turning to online searches first.

Consistency and Ability to Maintain Curb Appeal

"According to the National Association of Realtors, 63 percent of homebuyers will drop by after viewing a home they like online. What will they see? The home's exterior [first]..."

Since there are so many buying online, consider both appropriate and realistic photography to showcase your property in its best light but also consider the components around the photos - description and components in the photos.  As a buyer, if what you see online isn't what you get in person, you would be disappointed.  For curb appeal planning, choose simple and classic and easy-to-maintain designs.  Extra shoes stacked up and unwashed gardening equipment should be cleaned, lined up, or removed altogether.


SC Realty's (Now Not So) Secret Formula to Curb Appeal


  • Streamlining exterior color scheme and furnishings with the interior plan always helps
  • Look for home, porch, and balcony furnishing deals at our favorite stores
    • Ben Franklin Crafts:  Craft Store in Hawaii
    • Target:  Affordable garden center and sizable home decor and furnishing department
    • City Mill:  Decor, Electrical, Garden, Organization & Storage, Paint and more
  • Work with Eric T Chu - SC Realty to list or rent your property on Oahu and we will suggest effective and maintainable methods to developing curb appeal no matter the type of your property as we develop a listing with you.


Even a condominium complex will require thoughtful balcony and curtain choices to represent the freshest and most inviting look.  Can you spot a few balconies that would welcome you versus turn you away?  Even in this regulated complex, there are some inviting approaches such as clear window views, a well-maintained balcony area that allows for enjoyment of the additional space.



Eric T Chu - SC Realty is a full-service real estate and property management agent.  He has extensive experience on Oahu advising both first-time home buyers/sellers and those looking to invest in property and on the search for a responsive and trustworthy property management partner. 


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