FSBO:  For Sale By Owner versus Listing with an Agent.  Let us help advise you on the advantages and cautions of both that help you gain the most from your investments.

You may have heard of the term For Sale By Owner.  Chances are you are reading this post because you are ready to explore these options for seeking the greatest return on your real estate investments.  

At Eric T Chu - SC Realty, we believe that while there is no prescribed method of selling your investment to a worthy buyer, it is worth educating yourself and exploring both of these options to identify what is right for you as Owner and Seller.  


The FSBO vs. Listing Agent Route

  • FSBO is the process of selling real estate without Real Estate Agent representation.  There are a number of items to consider when listing on your own:
    • Determining Asking Price
    • Contract Documentation
    • Legal Details
    • Timeline
    • Inspections / Appraisals / Disclosures
  • Leveraging a Listing Agent to sell your investment can eliminate the stress of the preparation, process, and closure.  An agent will be able to work with you on the following:
    • Preparation / Vendors:  Pricing Strategy, Contractors, Cleaning, Staging, Advertising, Open House
    • Requesting Offers / Screening of Buyers
    • Inspections / Appraisals / Disclosures
    • Escrow Process and Closure

What to Expect When Listing with Eric T Chu - SC Realty

  • Pricing Calculation and Advisory:  We will work with you to identify a pricing strategy that matches your area's comparable homes.  We will look at square footage, amenities, and advise you on setting a competitive but advantageous price.
  • Staging:  Making your home look its best helps set the tone for a successful sale.  Our style is clean, spacious, and something a buyer could imagine owning.
  • Documentation and Legal:  Preparation and Legal Recommendations, particularly on Hawaii State Laws:  Selling property requires disclosures, inspections, contract conditions, financing complications, and escrow engagement.
  • Advertising:  We leverage the MLS, listing engines, print and social media and our networks to add to the efficiency of a successful sale.
  • Buyer Screening:  We will field and review buyers' questions and qualifications initially and with you to make the transaction of selling your investments a smooth transition.
  • Offer Negotiation and / or Acceptance Guidance:  Offers often come with various legal conditions and or you may want to negotiate inspection details and favorable timing.  At SC Realty, having a number of years of experience in Hawaii buying and selling real estate, we can help you to optimize the selling process.
  • Escrow and Closure:  Documentation Preparation can be daunting depending on your property.  Whether it is an apartment / condominium, single family home or commercial property, we have seen various closures and have worked with many escrow officers on Island.  We can help you to understand the conditions, timing, and take care of the paperwork to make the closure process of your sale as efficient as possible.


Contact Us at Eric T Chu - SC Realty today and let us help you to make your investments a success.


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Eric T Chu - SC Realty is a full-service real estate and property management agent.  He has extensive experience on Oahu advising both first-time home buyers/sellers and those looking to invest in property and on the search for a responsive and trustworthy property management partner. 


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