The Holidays are finally here! 


Seems like just yesterday Hawaii was enjoying the heat of summer.  Now it's 60-70 degrees at night and we really are freezing!  In all seriousness, while we don't have the changing of the leaves in Hawaii and it doesn't snow except on Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea, and Haleakala, this is when people in Hawaii bring out our umbrellas, jackets, and start to wear shoes and jeans instead of tank tops, shorts, and rubber slippers a.k.a flip flops. 


So, holidays are still important in our local hearts.  Ala Moana Shopping Center (info:  Holiday Events and Hours), Honolulu Hale (info:  Honolulu City Lights Opening Night, Saturday Dec 3rd 2016) and the condominiums and hotels in Metro Honolulu neighborhoods such as Waikiki, Kapiolani and McCully get decked out with Christmas decorations, the Christmas tree farm stalls go up, people begin to host potluck parties and we start to see holiday lights strung in neighborhoods across Oahu.  Thanksgiving and the Holidays are in these ways evidently more than ono (yummy) food, family and friends; and, for a realtor, it's a season of reflecting on home


For me and our team at SC Realty, it's feeling blessed and looking back at the year --our clients, our team, our connections, our partnerships, our vendors, our neighborhoods, our impact, our focus-- taking stock of 2016, and strategizing while looking forward to 2017. 


In 2016, we saw Oahu real estate and our footprint grow tremendously and are so grateful for the opportunities to partner with local agents and vendors while supporting each of our clients across Honolulu, Kailua, and those from the US Mainland looking for

  1. A trusted and local Oahu real estate agent to support their Hawaii home search; or,
  2. A seasoned property management team to look after and maintain investments while taking the stress out of the day-to-day property maintenance.


For those of you still wondering about the ono food mentioned above and what plans are in store for the Thanksgiving Holiday, a sneak peak below in photos.  If you've seen Food Network's Molto Mario or ABC's The Chew, yes, this is Mario Batali and I am standing right next to him while checking out the amazing cheese at Eataly in Downtown NYC.  The second photo is a new note about property management support that's about to go to the post office -- letters and envelopes, check! 

Happy Thanksgiving All!

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Coming up next week...

The question asked most frequently:  Where to start?  Whether it's first-time buying, selling, or renting, or it's perhaps weighing the options and looking at Oahu neighborhoods and considering finances, we'll cover some tips on how we help our clients identify a clear path to home.

Do you have any questions about first-time real estate that we can be sure to address in a future post?  Leave us your question in the comments!


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